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More so than ever before art is a vital and engaging way to learn for kids and adults of all ages. Spend hours or even days coloring with your family or on your own to bring these posters to life in a fun and relaxing way.

Talya has created an assortment of hand-drawn family-sized coloring posters. New designs are released out regularly.

Purim Posters

In celebration of the Jewish holiday of Purim, Talya drew this incredible family-sized coloring poster.

At 28"x22", this festive coloring poster tells the story of Purim, yours to color in how you like.

Printed in the USA on 60# paper wight stock, these posters are hours - if not days - of fun!

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Community Posters

This poster represents the best of all our communities. People, organizations, spaces and beliefs all coming together. We love this poster!

At 30" x 26", this poster is a tad bigger than the others, and also is printed on #80 text weight uncoated paper in the USA.

On sale for $10 until February 1, 2021.

Community Coloring Poster

Community Coloring Poster

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